In New York’s lower East Side is the famed jeans company, 3 sixteen. In 2008, they started with their first pair of jeans, the SL-100x. After working with Kuroki Mills in Okayama, Japan, they crafted these jeans specially to withstand heavy use. Like many other jean companies, they pride themselves on their commitment to excellent craftsmanship. With a variety of fits, 3 sixteen offers something for everyone.

Their aesthetic is inspired by utilitarian styles. In combination with premium fabrics, it gives the brand a signature fit. They take the Japanese ideology of leaving no details untouched to blend Japanese otaku denim with American styles, further solidifying its unique style. Their main focus is to transform Japanese denim into jeans using the highest quality of American craftsmanship.

According to Rivet and Hide’s page on 3sixteen, Owners Andrew Chen and Johan Lam work closely with the esteemed Kuroki mill in Okayama making regular visits to Japan to develop classic and interesting denims. Using the aforementioned Japanese ideology of leaving no details behind, they pay attention to even the simplest of designs, even with the basic white tee. In addition, they are growing their womenswear line. WEAR encourages you to shop 3sixteen online or in store!

Pictures by @3sixteen

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Building a community of brands, designers and shoppers via same day delivery

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